Evolution Botanicals 10 Mushroom Formula – 100g



A Curation of 10 carefully selected and potent medicinal mushroom extracts revered in Traditional Chinese, Tibetan and Russian folk medicine for their general healing and tonifying properties. This blend is perfect for anyone wanting the powerful immune supportive properties or general uplifting and energising properties of medicinal mushrooms. Our Mushrooms are sourced from ethical wild sources or certified organic farmers and the extraction strength is second to none.

Key Benefits: 
– Immune modulating
– Immune health
– Anti Inflammatory
– General Wellbeing & Vitality
– Energy (Qi) building
– Anti-Fatigue

– Dual Extracted
– Third Party Tested
– Beta-D-Glucan Testing
– Wood Grown Mushrooms
– Source from authentic Native Sources

Ingredients: Cordyceps (10:1), Reishi (Reishi 16:1), Lions Mane (12:1), Chaga (11:1), Turkey Tail (10:1), Maitake (10:1), Mesima (10:1), Poria (10:1), Tremella (10:1), Cloud Ear Fungus (10:1)