We get our fruit, veg, eggs & dairy products from dedicated CERTIFIED ORGANIC farmers all over Australia! Let us introduce you to just a few….



Arahura Farms – “Food for living, nutrition for life”
Arahura Farms is strategically located in Nyah, Northern Victoria. Because of the superb climate and soils they are able to grow organic carrot and beetroot all year round, and grow organic onion, lettuce and cabbage seasonally. Their flagship product is their organic carrots with a reputation as being the “sweetest, tastiest carrots on the market”. Which we can definitely agree with! 🙂 
Arahura, meaning “path to discovery”, is a family run farm under the leadership of Tony Croft with the support of his family. Arahura Farms were established as Certified Organic in 2000 with the belief that if you take care of the soil in a sustainable way and don’t interfere with the natural makeup of the vegetables, you grow healthy and nutritious produce. Because of this, they don’t brush their vegetables; helping to preserve the outer layer of the skin and enhance the nutritional quality


Coolibah Herbs – “We aim to be the best grower of healthy, good quality produce, produced in an ecologically responsible way. 
To produce the highest quality produce we rely upon the best farming practices that work with natural cycles, rather than resorting to intervention from chemical inputs. Our organic farms are Australian Certified Organic Accredited.”  As a family owned business, they care about the long term sustainability of the environment in all areas they operate. They promote the wildlife on their farms.  With Coolibah’s high values, focus and care in producing quality products and their dedication to their customers, they adhere to strict standards on all levels of production – from germinating their own seeds in their nursery, to harvesting, right through to transporting the products to the customer.
With their continued innovative thinking and the demands of their consumers, their range has increased to a variety of lines such as baby spinach, rocket, kale, broccoli, potatoes, beetroot, onions and herbs to name a few. 


Organigrow Eggs –   Organigrow is set on 70 acres of prime agricultural land at Monaltrie (also known as Gundurimba) located approximately 7kms from the Lismore CBD. Lismore is in Northern NSW, near the towns of Byron Bay, Casino and Ballina, a very lush and fertile region. The farm abounds with animals such as Echidnas, koalas and swamp wallabies who happily share their land with the chooks. The abundant bird-life, composed of finches and wrens also enjoy the cover of thick bushes and undergrowth.
Our farm is a certified organic and certified Humane Choice farm (find certifications below), producing eggs, mixed fruit and pecan nuts. Since a number of years now, our produce has been sold to wholesale and retail markets and shops, both locally and interstate, slowly building a reputation for its quality and variety of organic produce.  Two generations of the Cripps Clark family have been taking care of the farm and it is Simon, who holds a Bachelor of Environmental Science Degree, who is now the owner and manager. Simon, who grew up with chickens, uses the latest scientific data and organic principles to ensure that the eggs produced on his farm are 100% organic and free range, giving his chickens the most space and freedom possible and making sure they have access to a varied, healthy food



McMahon Brothers Organic Apples – The McMahon’s have been farming since the 1920’s when Clyde and Ellen McMahon purchased the Soldier’s Settlement Block after Clyde returned from World War 1 in 1925. In 1946 Max and Lorna McMahon purchased their farm after returning from the war in the pacific. The third generation of McMahon’s, brothers Mal and Jeff and their wives, took over the farm in the eighties and in the early 2000’s converted the farm to Certified Organic. Jeff’s sons, Paul and David, have been working on the farm since they were young boys. Paul has recently decided to give farming a go, joining his father and uncle on the farm, making the fourth generation of farming ‘McMahon’. Their location, being 1000 metres above sea level and temperatures that drop to -4 degrees in winter, is prime apple growing territory. Not only do the McMahon Bros grow organic apples but their location puts them in a unique position of growing crops throughout summer due to the lower temperatures. The McMahon’s grow many other lines during the summer and throughout the year; these include delicious stone fruit, pears, snow peas, lettuce, celery, cucumber, tomatoes, zucchini, persimmons and strawberries. They have also planted pomegranates, lemons and figs that will fruit in the coming years.


Black Crow Organics – Tammy and Dave Litzow have owned their organic farm at Tenthill (near Gatton) for approximately 13 years. Tammy & Dave grow a variety of organic veggies including potatoes, broccoli, cauliflowers, celery, sweet potato, cabbages, pumpkin, capsicum….



Mount Whitestone Farm – Mt Whitestone Farms is a 300-acre property located at Mt Whitestone, near Gatton, in south-east Queensland, about 100 km to the west of Brisbane. Their team consists Gary and Kathy Harm (the dedicated owners of Mt Whitestone Farms) ably assisted by their son, James, his wife, Ashleigh, and their children. “We believe that the passionate efforts put into the farm by our family makes our produce extra special. We also believe that our use of Demeter methods will further our goal of leaving the land undepleted after each cropping cycle, so that future generations can continue to enjoy a sustainable farming environment.” Mt Whitestone farm grows our fresh broccoli, cauliflowers, onions, etc.


Barambah Organics – This is our main supplier of certified organic dairy products including Award-Winning milks, creams, yoghurts, & cheeses!                                                                  Barambah Organics has two dairy farms in the Border Rivers Region of QLD. The farms are well located on the Dumaresq River System and on the McIntyre Brook. Our cows graze on mixed pastures and are 80-90% grass fed and their diet is supplemented with grains and minerals to ensure optimum health. Animal welfare and extensive grazing is a key organic principle, and Barambah’s stocking rate on the two dairy farms is 1 cow to 5 acres. These are not any acres either, this is on prime agricultural land with superb pastures. In comparison, the average conventional dairy is 2 cows to the acre. Ian Campbell has been in the dairy industry for many years now and he has seen the true respect and regard that so many dairy farmers give to their animals. The average dairy farmer works a 14 hour day and strangely they choose this path for the lifestyle, as dairy farmers truly love their animals and all family members can work together. We have four farm Managers who have great respect for our cows and calves.