Evolution Botanicals Himalayan Shilajit Mineral Complex – 120g



Strengthening Trace Minerals


Deep mineralization on a cellular level
General Weakness
Brain Function
Ayurvedic Rasayana (restorative anti ageing actions)
Adrenal health
Increases absorption of other herbal formulas.

As you climb up the jagged mountains of life, Shilajit is there to elevate your vitality and balance your energy. A true source of primal nutrition, this powerful Himalayan mineral complex rejuvenates the body, neutralises free radicals and counteracts adrenal overstimulation and exhaustion. Shilajit is suitable for both men and women, containing a complete array of over 70 trace minerals + fulvic & humic acids to enhance bioavailability.

Product Ingredients: Himalayan Shilajit